Frequently Asked Questions

The first condition to join MyFashionManager is being an independent professional working either as sole trader or within a directly owned company. MyFashionManager is the only platform totally dedicated to the Fashion and Luxury Goods industry, so the second requirement is being a talent with at least 4 years' business experience and 3 of them must be spent in the Fashion & Luxury industry. Every Professional registering on MFM will be subject to a validation process through sophisticated algorithms and through a video interview executed by one of our HR experts.

If you have at least 4 years of working experience, 3 of which in Fashion/Luxury goods, you can sign-up, create your profile and access the validation process. During the validation process you will be invited to a videocall with a MFM representative to complete your profile registration. If the validation process is successful, your profile will become visible to all registered Companies and you will have access to several business opportunities.

Acceptance into MyFashionManager requires you are an independent professional/freelance, registered as such in your country, and that you have:

  • At least 4 years of working experience
  • At least 3 years of experience in the Fashion Industry, preferably at large, international firms
  • Strong academic credentials
  • An active LinkedIn profile

Make sure that you have accurately completed all the fields of your profile. We also cross check against other networks so if there are any profile inconsistency issues in your public profiles you might need to update these. It might also happen that you do not pass the validation process as our HR experts do not find your profile and skills in line with the high standards we want to guarantee to our client.

MyFashionManager is the place of skills and opportunities and it is the only platform dedicated to the Fashion Industry. If you are a freelance professional willing to work on exciting projects for Companies from the Fashion Industry from all over the world. and have constant load of work, you are in the right place. You will also be able to work remotely and give contribution to international companies without leaving your home. MFM platform is easy to use and applies transparent criteria to define experience level and fees.

No. MyFashionManager is a global platform. Companies and Professionals from anywhere in the world can sign up and start doing business.

One of the most relevant innovations introduced by MFM is the automatic definition of your daily fee thanks to a sophisticated algorithm based on several variables. Sign-up, pass the validation process and you will be assigned to a Cluster with a range of daily fees associated. This approach guarantees homogeneous and controlled criteria to define the Professional's compensation, avoiding discrepancies and unfair competition amongst Professionals. Fee negotiation between Company and Professional can anyway happen.

MyFashionManager is the only platform totally dedicated to the Fashion and Luxury Goods industry. If your business needs the support of expert freelancers with deep knowledge of this industry, you are in the right place. No matter if you are a brand, a manufacturer, a retailer or a marketplace: Professionals from our network can make the difference in your organization.

Our network includes senior freelance Professionals from several business areas: from Production to Retail, from Merchandising to Ecommerce. Most of them are ex Managers or Directors of fashion/luxury companies, now operating as independent consultants. Our business scope does not include sales assistants, photographers, make-up artists and other roles not involved in the business. If you have a specific request, please contact us to [email protected]

Register your Company on our web platform and create a Project to access a customized list of Suggested Professionals to accomplish the work. You can see the detailed profile of each Professional and request to get in contact with him/her by just clicking on a button.

MyFashionManager uses cutting edge algorithms to select and evaluate the Professionals and each of them is also interviewed by one of our HR experts. Only after checking all data and having passed the validation process, the Professional becomes visible to Companies.

One of the most relevant innovations introduced by MFM is the automatic definition of the daily fee of the Professional thanks to a sophisticated algorithm based on several variables. MyFashionManager assigns each Professional to a predefined "Cluster". A range of daily fees is associated to each Cluster to provide you with homogeneous and controlled compensation criteria. Fee negotiation between Company and Professional can anyway happen. Register your Company and you will have access to transparent fee system, based on the market value of Professionals of our database.

When you request to contact the Professional, we will arrange a virtual meeting with him/her. A representative of MFM will attend the meeting too, to facilitate the process and provide support. Meeting in person can be arranged upon request.

Scope, objectives and deliverables of the project will be agreed during the virtual meeting and then shared in writing amongst the parties. MFM will support this phase, if needed. When the project agreement is finalized, your project starts.

Our terms and conditions state that our fee applies to any projects within 12 months of the later of either the date of the Introduction, or the date of the end of a Project. This is to ensure that we can continue to monitor the quality of our service provision. We are always pleased when a client wants to engage with the same talent again.

It is not possible to replace the professional once the project has been confirmed. In case of underperformance or incompatibility of any kind between the Professional and your organization, the contract can be terminated with 15 days of notice; within that term, all accrued fees are due. For more information on this matter, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.